Tonasket Area Relief Info

Posted on August 24, 2015

The people at the collection center at the Tonasket Visitor & Business Resource Center are looking for volunteers to help organize the items that are being collected there. Contact Kim Cline at (509) 560-3238

New Hope Church in Oroville is accepting food donations and care box items for fire victims. Address is: 923 Main Street (10th and Main), Oroville. We are in the building with the red roof, just South of the High School reader board. (509) 560-4711  and (509) 846-5014 (Pastor's cell).

Official & Relevant Links:

From Patrick Plumb, Mayor of Tonasket 8/24/15 10:43AM:

I am happy to announce that we now have added Rhonda Hinkley as a General Public Liaison, her cell phone is 509-429-9328. I have been hearing that the Hinkley's have been working behind the scenes and now I'm happy to see Rhonda has an official title! If you have to get answers to general public questions and for taking/coordinating information please CONTACT RHONDA FIRST to allow the other coordinators to focus on their work they are doing for firefighters and fire victims. Please share. - Tonasket Vistors Center  215 S. Whitcomb Avenue Tonasket, Wa. 98855 509-486-4543 - Donate directly to the Community Cultural Center relief efforts quickly and easily via Paypal. No account needed. Use any Credit Card. - Cultural Community Center Updates - Fire Relief Info From Tonasket Co-Op

Evacuation Shelters:

Community Cultural Center  411 Western Avenue Tonasket WA 98855 (509) 486-1328 - The CCC in TONASKET is open as a 24/7 shelter with beds per Laurel Sylvan. They have 3 meals a day being served for anyone that is in need. Approx. meal times are 7AM, Noon and 6PM.  Showers and Laundry provided at The Junction. Also, They are NOT a Red Cross Shelter.

Hughes Dept Store  1000 23rd Ave. Oroville (509) 476-3651 or (509) 322-5618
RV parking  *Pets must be tied up*

New Hope Church 923 main St Oroville (509) 560-4711 or (509) 846-5014. They have 3 meals a day for anyone in need.

Firefighter Donation Drop Off Info:


They need: Jerky, water, Granola bars, gum. gaterade packet drink mix with electrolytes, white socks, white t-shirts, white underwear, gallon size zip locks, chapstick, visine, baby wipes, ibuprofen, bandanas, tampons and pads, hair ties, Pet shelter needs things, contact distribution center for list: 509-560-3238 Also, fire fighters idea packets should include: in a large gallon zip lock bag: socks, tshirt, granola bar, gatorade packet, gum, bandana, water bottle, jerky/pepperoni stick, etc. Please drop these things by the DISTRIBUTION CENTER.

Evacuee Donation Drop Off Info:

Tonasket Rodeo Club can take evacuated livestock -

Evacuee & Firefighter Meals Info:

Community Cultural Center  411 Western Avenue Tonasket WA 98855 (509) 486-1328 - They have an accounts set up at Grant's Family Foods, Tonasket Natural Foods Co-op and Byers Market if you'd like to donate to their cause of feeding people.


4:45 PM 8-23-15

Attention Firefighters---
Your drinks are
Roosters Espresso
201 hwy 97