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Posted on August 26, 2015

Temporary Housing Solutions

Freedom RV rentals in Wenatchee will work with your insurance to get a Rental RV. They have RV's that can hold up to 10 people. (509) 670-7836. (KOZI)

Angie Dobbins Drake out of Stanwood has RV space, tent space and space for animals. Angie (425) 622-3313.

Wapato Point is offering evacuees and any firefighter rooms at no charge. Call Melissa (509) 687-9511 ext. 304  melissa@wapatopoint.com. Must have ID/confirmation of residence.

Bill Rabe has offered space at his ranch.  He has an open goat pen and room for tents or travel trailer. Call Bill Rabe (509) 557-8918

Crystal Johnson can accommodate people & small pets. Room for tents, showers and meals. Call Crystal (509) 485-2121 or cell (509) 557-5659

Lydia in Omak, close to the hospital, has space for tents.  Shower, bathroom, wi-fi and pets welcome. Lydia (509) 322-4541

Two open bedrooms in Spokane Valley to any family affected by the fires. contact (509) 270-1241 for more information

Double C Ranch has room for livestock, RV's, Campers & tents with plenty of pasture.  Need to bring your own feed & water buckets, etc.  Call Tami Chaney (509) 238-9542

Other Services Being Offered by Companies and Individuals

Giddyup Salon & Spa located at 111 2nd Ave. Okanogan is offering Free Back to School Hair Cuts for any child in need, preschool to 12 grade, on Monday, August 31 from 10:00am to 1:00pm. *First come first served* (509) 826-2550

CareNet located at 808 Central Ave. Oroville can help evacuees with babies or toddlers with diapers, baby food & clothes.  Open Tuesday & Thursday 12:00 - 4:00 PM. (509) 322-6323

Omak Taxi Cab, LLC is helping with evacuations (509) 826-4123


School Information:

The Okanogan Schools plan to start school September 2nd. If there is going to be a delay in school starting, a decision will be made and posted on Monday, August 31st.

Oroville Schools are scheduled to begin on Wednesday, September 2nd

Methow Valley Schools are scheduled to open Tuesday, September 1st, and other school-related activities are planned before the doors open. They will hold a meeting-and-greet event for new staff on Thursday, August 27th 5pm in the Methow Elementary. They will have an open house barbeque at 5:30pm Wednesday, September 2nd at the Junior/Senior High School.

Grand Coulee Dam School District and Nespelem School Districts will delay the opening of their schools until September 8th.

The Tonasket School District is doing air quality testing to confirm that the indoor air is acceptable. A decision will be made and communicated by Friday afternoon, August 28th, on whether the start of school will be delayed.

Omak School District will begin school on September 2nd. The school District is installing an air cleaning system to maintain quality air inside the school buildings to protect students and staff.


Okanogan County Wildfire Recovery

Resources for Landowners 

UPDATE 8-25-15

The resources below were originally developed for the 2014 Carlton Complex fire. Much of the information will still be relevant, and we will be updating the information to reflect the 2015 fires as quickly as possible.

The Okanogan Conservation District is working with local, state, and federal agencies to seek funding so we can assist landowners who need post-fire help to restore forest and pastures and to reduce the risk of flash flood damage.

After the Fire: Safety Concerns and Next Steps


Flood After Fire

Flood brochure

Flash floods can affect burned land AND land downhill from burned areas.  Stay aware of the weather, especially heavy rain or rain that lasts for more than 1/2 hour. A flash flood after a fire carries with it not only water, but also ash, making the flow material extremely dense like liquid cement.

If you think you may have a flood risk due to wildfire, talk to your insurance agent NOW about FEMA National Flood Insurance. Even areas that don't typically flood are at risk when downhill from burned areas.


Soil Erosion After Wildfire:

The potential for severe soil erosion is a consequence of wildfire because as a fire burns it destroys plant material and the litter layer. There are several steps to take to reduce the amount of soil erosion. A landowner, using common household tools and materials, can accomplish most of these methods in the aftermath of a wildfire.

After the Burn

Landscape Recovery:

Post-Fire Rehabilitation Treatments 

Restoring Land After Fire

Fireline Rehab Strategies

Wildfire Risk Reduction and Recovery Tips For Homeowners

Central Washington Fire Recovery Resource Page

Links to Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) fact sheets on tree injuries, erosion control, and other post-fire topics.

Reseeding Burned Areas:

These seeding recommendations were developed for the 2014 Carlton Complex. We will be reviewing and revising these lists as needed for the 2015 fires.

Carlton Complex Seeding Recommendations from NRCS (Natural Resource Conservation Service)

Carlton Complex Seeding Rates from BFI Seeds (for seeds sourced closest to the Carlton fires)

Rainier Seed Company has Lawn, Hay & Pasture, and Habitat seed mixes suited to this area, available at local feed stores.

Carlton Complex Resources

Private and State Lands BAER Report (Carlton Complex)

USFS BAER Reports  (Carlton Complex)

Soil Burn Severity Map  (14 MB) (Carlton Complex)

BAER= Burned Area Emergency Response

Links to Other Agencies' Resources:

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife statement on assisting with recovery.

Emergency Permits for Fire Recovery for work along or in streams and rivers.

Okanogan County AssessorDestroyed Property Form

USDA Farm Services Agency: disaster assistance programs authorized by the 2014 Farm Bill.